XMLRPC-JoomlaWhat can you do with this?

You can post articles to your Joomla using a local blog editor.

  • Keywords and tags are linked.
    (If you add a keyword, the tag will also be registered. However, deleting a keyword will not delete the tag.)
  • New categories will be registered at the same time as the article is submitted.

*These are the features I checked in Open Live Writer.

There are many problems with XMLRPC API, but I added the IP address restriction feature this time, so you can use it with peace of mind.

Download the package XMLRPC-Joomla from the link below.



  • Added
    • Uses Joomla! update system
    • IP address restriction
    • library PHPXMLRPC
  • Removed
    • Plugin xmlrpc joomla
      It has been integrated into the component(com_xmlrpc).
    • Wordpress apiLink on RSD
      Joomla! does not support “Page”
    • Options for Google docs
      Google Docs does not support XMLRPC. ??

This extension is a package that contains three extensions.

  1. Component XMLRPC (com_xmlrpc)
  2. Plugin System RSD (plg_system_rsd)
  3. Library PHPXMLRPC (lib_phpxmlrpc)

Supported XMLRPC APIs

  • Movable Type XMLRPC API
  • Metaweblog XMLRPC API
  • Blogger XMLRPC API
  • Part of the Wordpress XMLRPC API(Joomla! does not have the same features as Wordpress Page.)

After installation 

  1. Enable the Plugin system RSD. (There are no parameters that need to be set.)
  2. Open Components > XMLRPC and configure the settings. (This is the recommended setting by default.)
    * IP address restriction is strongly recommended.

Blog editor settings

  • Open Live Writer
    • FIle > Options > Accounts
    • Add and Select “Other services” or “Wordpress”
    • Next and Enter your web address, username and password
    • Next Auto detected.
  • Unsupported or unconfirmed blog editors
    • Scribefire : It didn't work at all in my environment.Old? Not updated?
    • If you have a good editor, please let me know.(Win11, Android)

Recommended Joomla! settings

  1. Create a menu that will not be displayed. (Example: Hide Menu)
  2. Create each XMLRPC menu under the menu in 1. (Layout, Preview, Rsd, Manifest, Endpoint)

By doing so, you will be able to access the
and so on, respectively.