Download EditorSwitcher for J4.3.x

Download EditorSwitcher For less than J4.3


How to use

  1. Install and then enable it. (It's probably already enabled.)
  2. Select Extensions > Plugins > Editor - Switcher and specify the default editor.
  3. Open Global Configuration and change the default editor to Switcher (this plugin).

Select Editors-Switcher on configuration

I haven't been able to update this site for a long time. I'm sorry to those who have been using it.

Now, Joomla 4.0 is here, and I've updated it. The old version will not be released anymore.
Also, while I haven't updated it, a kind person updated it, so if you are using Joomla 3.8~3.10, you can download it from below.

Editors Switcher for Joomla3.[89]|10

Special thanks to Thomas Hunziker


  • Version4.0.9
    • Added
      • Uses Joomla! Update System
    • Removed
      • Use jQuery
      • Parameter: Use cookie